Working while pregnant and pushing through

How do you manage pregnancy and work? Juggling work while pregnant can be hard even for the most active person. Just getting out of bed can be a chore. Working 12 hour shifts it was difficult for me at times, especially going through the first trimester. I was not sure if I should inform my manager or even tell my coworkers. You must decide what is best for you considering the type of work you do. As a nurse working bedside, I felt it was important early on in my first trimester to let my manager and some co-workers know in case I needed extra help with caring for my patients. Working and going through “hyperemesis gravidarum” was not easy, as many moms do experience.

So, what can be done as you continue to push through in your pregnancy and work. The goal is to handle the months working with grace and handle the challenges that come with ease to not stress out. There were so many days I thought, how can I handle this until the end or how can I go on leave earlier. Lol.

Here are some helpful strategies to help cope and push through work while pregnant:

§ Tell your manager you are pregnant sometime during your 1st trimester, especially if you are experiencing morning sickness which for me turned into all day sickness. You might be able to hold off until your 2nd trimester, but why if you do not need to.

§ After telling your manager, feel free to announce it to your coworkers. You might need the extra support from your coworkers during challenging times.

§ Be honest about how you feel. Your team will appreciate your honesty, especially when you are not feeling well.

§ Think about your options. Start thinking about your post pregnancy plan and work balance. Discuss this with your manager.

§ Deal with your morning sickness properly. The first trimester will be exhausting, overwhelming, and challenging especially while working. Make sure to keep snacks to help get you through your shifts. Make sure hygiene products are available or packed (toothbrush and toothpaste). Rest, avoid strenuous activity, do not over-exert yourself, and most importantly ask for help if you need it. If time off or a shift change is needed ask for it and take it!

§ Be safe! Remember you and your baby’s safety is a priority right now.

§ Most importantly dress comfortably. Make sure to wear comfy shoes, scrubs, undergarments, compression socks and invest in belly bands. This will help your day go a lot better and in turn help you be more productive.


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